Stylus Pen for iPad

A Pen in Hand | a New Simple Life


Stylus Pen for iPad

A Pen in Hand | a New Simple Life

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For leading a simple lifestyle, we’ve rebuilt our products and hope to deliver more conveniences to all.

JAMJAKE Stylus Pen for iPad

with Palm Rejection

  • Especially Designed for iPad Series

  • Precise and Smooth – 1.5mm carbon fiber tip

  • Easy to Use and Extra Long Standby

  • Palm Rejection Design


Our Customers Say

“This stylus did a good job writing on my 11″ iPad Pro. Drawing was very accurate and the tip comes to a pretty fine point so you can place will a good degree of confidence. The feel is solid and it charges with a standard micro-USB cable (included) and also comes with a rubber tip when not in use (when writing you can push into the back end for safe keeping.) Certainly less costly than the Apple version, and if looking for a writing pencil for one of the compatible iPad devices, you would be happy with this one ”

Jenny M.

“This pencil is absolutely amazing. I thought that’s what all tablet pens were like. Now I know what “precision” means – my writing is crisp and looks just like it would on paper and if I pick up the pen and put it back on my iPad, the points line up exactly. It fits into the Apple Pencil holder that’s a part of my iPad case, so I know it has the same general dimensions. I’m not sure of the battery life but I imagine it would be fine. That being said, you can turn off the pencil to make it last longer. Aside from the comfort of this device, it is a solid contender for the digital pencil space for the iPad.”

Peter D.

Why Choose JAMJAKE?

We supply premium qualified high-end iPad Pencil with affordable prices.

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