Stylus Pen for iPad with Palm Rejection, Active Pencil Compatible with (2018-2022) Apple iPad Pro (11/12.9 Inch),iPad Air 3rd/4th Gen,iPad 6/7/8th Gen,iPad Mini 5th Gen for Precise Writing/Drawing

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  • 【Compatible with 2018-2022 iPad & iPad Pro】The stylus supports for iPad series 2018-2022 model: iPad 9th/8th/7th/6th Gen, iPad Air 3rd/4th/5th Gen, iPad Pro 11 inches,iPad Pro12.9 inches 3rd/4th/5th,iPad Mini 5th/6th Gen. Please confirm your devices before you place an order, another model is invalid.
  • 【Not compatible with models before 2018】The stylus doesn’t support iPad pro 1st&2nd, iPad pro 10.5″, iPad pro 9.7″, iPad 1 to 5 Gen, iPad mini 1 to 4 Gen, iPad Air 1st/2nd Gen versions of iPad. Not Compatible With iPhone, Android, Microsoft devices.
  • 【Precise and Smooth】1.5mm pen tip can replace your finger to execute finer instructions, it easy to install and tear off the tips on your stylus pen without any tool. No lag/offset/breaking point!Compared with the ordinary stylus pen, it has higher sensitivity, more accurate signal, more comfortable hand. Not easy to break!【 Note 】The stylus pen no pressure-sensitive design.
  • 【Palm Rejection Design】Stylus pen with palm rejection technology provides a natural writing feeling and quick, effortless interaction with your screen, gives you more accuracy and control against the screen. We commend you to use this pen on the iPad with a glass screen protector.
  • 【Easy to Use and Extra Long Standby 】 No need to install Apps, just turn on this active digital pen by simply touching the cap button, it will automatically turn in “Sleep Mode” after idle for 5 minutes to save power. 20 hours continuous working, 90 mins charge, 365 days standby time. The package includes 1* Stylus Pen, 2* Replacement Tips, 1* Pencil Tip Cover, 1* USB C Charge Cable, 1* User manual.


29468 reviews for Stylus Pen for iPad with Palm Rejection, Active Pencil Compatible with (2018-2022) Apple iPad Pro (11/12.9 Inch),iPad Air 3rd/4th Gen,iPad 6/7/8th Gen,iPad Mini 5th Gen for Precise Writing/Drawing

  1. Joon Seok Oh

    I bought this stylus pen from Amazon after the thorough review.
    The shipping was fast, and I really like this pen (It has extra tip as well)
    No Bluetooth needed; just click and use it!
    I will definitely recommend this pen to other people.

  2. Yolanda Rodriguez

    I just received this product so I am still figuring out how it all works.

  3. Kiera Fountain

    I liked the actual product but I only had it about a week and the tip broke off inside upset. Going to contact the company hopefully it can be resolved

  4. Haley Baker

    I think it’s great! Works flawlessly. Glides and no skips. The only thing I wished it had was a cover for the charging port.

  5. Veronica Gillham

    Just opened it up, looks great!

  6. Nicole T. Walker

    This product has a great grip. It seems like a good substitute for an Apple Pencil. Would like to see instructions included in box and covers for the stylus to make it that much more like the Apple Pencil.

  7. Amanda Womack

    So far so good. It links up perfectly with my new iPad. And I am super glad it wasn’t crazy expensive.

  8. Danielle Smallwood

    I love the design of it and the weight of it. I appreciate the accessories that are included with the pencil.

  9. Jamie Anderson

    I honestly was surprised on how compatible the pen was to the one that is made by apple!

  10. Lester clinton

    So far your product is doing exactly want I want, I only received it today though so I need time to see how durable it is going to be.

  11. Zena Shin

    I liked the holographic design and packaging which I usually don’t expect this quality from products in Just a suggestion, maybe sealing the box would be great. Delivery was one-day faster than I expected. The product is super simple and easy to use. As a person who doesn’t really know much about Apple pen and other stylus pens, I was expecting a simple instruction on how to start using the pen. I was able to figure it out in a minute but I am thinking a very short, simple instruction on a small piece of paper can be useful. I have no product to compare with but I really like it. I wish you can come up with some accessories for the pen such as stickers that can change the design of the pen’s exterior. I like the extra nib is already in the package. I am not sure how long one nib lasts so I wish to know where I can buy more if I need to. I also like this pen requires type-C.

  12. Sherise Castro

    I am well pleased with this product! It functions precisely, with well thought functionality. A+

  13. Lindsey Jacobs

    I ordered this Stylus pencil for my son to use for digital art. He is just starting out and it is a great beginner pencil! It works perfectly with his iPad 7th Gen on Procreate and other digital art platforms that he is learning to use.

  14. Sadie Wright

    Does almost exactly what an apple pen would do for half the price. I’m still experimenting with how it works but love it so far

  15. Maryann Amore

    I like the pen very much, however, the stylus tip broke right away. I have the spare since it is almost brand new and barely used, but I cannot find instructions anywhere on how to put the new one in. I am concerned that part of the old one is still in there. Please send instructions ASAP.. Also, I clearly will need a supply of replacement tips. Do you provide them? Thanks for your prompt response.

    Maryann Amore

  16. Krista Gargiulo

    So far this stylus has worked perfectly for how I need it to!

  17. Sierra Miller

    I really love the stylus. It does not lag at all; I currently use it on Procreate. It feels good in the hand. The only thing I do not like is that you accidentally hit the power button and I turn it off. Otherwise, a wonderful product instead of the costly apple stylus.

  18. Aderonke shenbanjo

    So far so good. Works well. The nib is a little harder than I thought it would be but all in all a good product.

  19. Holly Gilly

    The pen works exactly as advertised..It feels good in my hand. It’s good for taking notes in meetings.

  20. Christopher Henderson

    I like that I found an stylus that’s affordable with the best quality for my iPad Pro.

  21. Phillip Velinov

    I cannot get the pen to sync with my iPad


    The tip is broken after few times used.

  23. delivery address

    Looks solid, sleek. easy to use. i like the price. the palm rejection is a great reason for purchasing this pen. it does give some pressure sensitivity so it may be good to list that as a benefit.

  24. Stephanie Wallace

    I really love this product. I am new iPad user, pen will allow me to write, draw and color. This much needed during covid-19 stay at home order

  25. Dina Morales

    Stylishly, easy to use and I love the point ultra fine!

  26. Amanda Daley

    So far the pen works as expected. Perhaps a longer charging cord would be better

  27. Kelli J Terpennning

    Its a little bigger in diameter than I thought but it’s easy to hold and fits in holder in case I bought. It doesn’t scratch the screen and is easy to turn on/off. Charging easy as well.

  28. Josephine McKellips

    Great pen ! Works great n smooth!

  29. Allyssa Stafford

    It’s so cute and works great!!

  30. Victoria Everett

    amazing product just like the apple pencil love it

  31. Sandra Williams

    I just received the product today and looking forward to using all the features it offers . The texture and size of the pen is comfortable and sleek.

  32. Savannah OConnor

    I really love this stylus. It’s a great alternative to the Apple Pencil. It has a nice weight to it and works beautifully. The only thing I would change maybe for the next generation of this stylus is for it to be magnetic to the iPad. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints

  33. John Edwards

    Works great with my 6th generation iPad. Very smooth function and so easy to set up.

  34. Amber Wood

    I haven’t had the pen for very long but I do love the design and how lightweight it is. I also like how easy it is to operate.

  35. Rachel Kulik

    It’s great so far! I have enjoyed using it to take notes

  36. Christine Townsend

    The pen works very well for my college needs. I’m very pleased with the price.

  37. Cindy silberman

    Instructions are simple but confused on how to attach to ipad

  38. Janie Leal

    Worked great till the tip broke.

  39. Hrant Gharibyan

    I am writing a negative review because the stylus has broken after only using it for two weeks.

    Before it was broken, I really loved it.

  40. Judy wehlage

    The tip broke on my stylus pen the second time I used it. And part of the tip is still in the pen so I can’t use the replacement tip.

  41. Brad Gagliano

    bought it for my daughter’s to use on their school ipads and they work better than expected. all the same functions as the one they use in class.

  42. Trevor Parker

    Love it! The only problem is that I have dropped it and the tip breaks very easily.

  43. Cara Wheeler

    Great product. Operates seemlessly.

  44. Veronica Oliver

    The top broke very quickly, there weren’t any instructions on how to replace it. Luckily I just figured it out.

  45. Al Reitz

    Jamjake Stylus Pen works great. I am using it on an iPad to teach classes online. Pen works perfectly, charge lasts for hours and charges quickly. Want to buy another pen as a spare (currently sold out on Amazon) and extra tips (cannot find where to purchase them).

  46. Maureen Dodge

    I received the pen as a birthday gift from my daughter. During quarantine, I plan to learn how to use the program Procreate on Skillshare and use the pen for learning art programs. I briefly used the Apple pen and really enjoyed it but the price of the pen prohibited me from purchasing it. I’m looking forward to using it in learning art design and lettering programs. I’m excited to try it out and learn new things.

  47. Bruno Morales

    So far it’s great! Linked very easily with my iPad and very easy to use. I like the size and weight of it as well. Great product!

  48. Carolyn Burley

    The tip broke off and I can’t get the remnants out to put a new one in. I wish more replacement tips were included.

  49. Felix Angueira

    Really good , is like I expect, I recommend this product to my friends

  50. Sienna rose

    We are very satisfied! We love the lifetime warranty too!!

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