Stylus Pen for iPad with Palm Rejection for 2018-2021 Apple iPad or iPad Pro

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  • 【Especially Designed for iPad Series】 The pencil for iPad is compatible with Apple iPad 2018 & 2020: iPad 6th Gen(9.7″), iPad 7th Gen(10.2″), iPad Mini 5th Gen, iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad Pro(11″/12.9″). Please confirm your devices before you place order, other model is invalid.
  • 【Precise and Smooth】Upgraded 1.5mm pen tip can replace your finger to execute finer instructions. No lag/offset/breaking point!Compared with the ordinary stylus pen, it has higher sensitivity, more accurate signal and more comfortable hand.Not easy to break!
  • 【Palm Rejection Design】Upgraded iPad pen with palm rejection technology provides a natural writing feeling and quick, effortless interaction with your screen, gives you more accuracy and control against the screen. We commend you to use this pen on the iPad with a glass screen protector.
  • 【Easy to Use and Extra Long Standby 】 No need to install Bluetooth or Apps, just turn on this active digital pen by simply touching the cap button, it will automatically turn in “Sleep Mode” after idle for 5 minutes to save power. 20 hours continuous working, 90 mins charge, 365 days standby time.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Service】We offer high-quality after-sales service and free lifetime technical support. 18 months worry-free,30 days money-back warranty. If you have any questions during use, please feel free to contact us!


29470 reviews for Stylus Pen for iPad with Palm Rejection for 2018-2021 Apple iPad or iPad Pro

  1. Stefani Santiago

    I wasn’t expecting much from it, I loved the material and the functionality of the product, it is nice I would recommend this product to others.

  2. Rachel Schley

    This pen is very sleek and easy to turn on and off. It turns on and off with a minimal tap to the tip of the pen. It works well! Another bonus is that it uses the same charger as my iPad Pro

  3. Hoa Trung Hinh

    It is a very good alternative to the apple pencil. Although I have never used an apple pencil, I am fully satisfied with how this product functions and I am happy I did not have to pay $100 more for a brand name product when a product like this exists. I will definitely reccomend this product to friends and family.

  4. Angela Banov

    I like the pen a lot. It allows me to do lots of work and makes it easier as well! Not to mention, for a reasonable price too.

  5. Olivia Pierce

    I really like how it came with a cover for the end. Personally I’ve never seen that before however I don’t like the placement of the charging port but I also love how it uses the same charger as my iPad

  6. Cindy Ly

    It works pretty well! I use it to take notes on my iPad!

  7. Roxanne McMahon

    I bought if for my daughter’s birthday and she is so excited to use it for animation.

  8. Mariela Ramirez

    I love the product. I also love sharing it with my family.

  9. Sarah Feinauer

    I just received it and have not used it to make a recommendation or likes and dislikes.

  10. Génesis perez

    Really easy to use! Glides really nice!! And it even attaches to the side of my iPad!!

  11. Anantha Baskaran

    It’s surprisingly great. Did not expect it to be this good.

  12. Sammar Dorvil

    While the pen was not compatible with the device i purchased it for, it worked great with my niece’s ipad. Very realistic feel, nice weight, uncomplicated product. I’ve had two friends purchase their own after trying mine.

  13. Hanako Heflick

    It’s been working really great for me so far!

  14. Jeromie VanSyckle

    I enjoy the sleek design and the interchangeable nibs as well as the easy on/off tap function on the end of the pen. I also like the use of usb-c charging connector opposed to the lightning charger. Overall this is an excellent replacement to the apple pen.

  15. Christopher Ritchie

    Works just as well as name brand. Excellent value for the price

  16. Miricle

    I Just needed a pencil that wasn’t pricy like the original Apple Pencil

  17. Andres

    Es muy bonito y funciona muy bien, solo falta que mejoren la sensibilidad para las líneas.

  18. James Heran

    Awesome quality, works exactly how I was hoping for it to work. Would definitely buy again and recommend to others looking for a similar product!

  19. Julio Alvarenga

    A great pen that I can use for everyday use, it is very comfortable and very affordable. I recommend this for anyone that is looking for an Apple pencil alternative.

  20. jordan jones

    Love the size and feel of this pen!

  21. Juan Yepes

    I love it my mom has the original apple one and she is jealous of mine because it’s a lot less expensive and it does the same

  22. Caroline dixon

    I needed this pen for a cosmetology class. It makes things so much easier for me to doodle and write notes. I love the pen!

  23. Michael Fuller

    Just got it and have no experience yet

  24. Mike olson


  25. Leslie Gonzalez

    This is the second stylus pen I’ve ordered through you and I’m very pleased with the first.

  26. Nicole Webb

    It’s pretty much exactly like an apple pen.

  27. Leandro Dominguez PB1508

    I love the product! Amazing!
    I highly recommend this product💪🏼

  28. Rushy Patel

    This is my second purchase , my sister in law loved my first one and took it , great pen for iPad

  29. Nabil Khan

    It’s nice and light. I like that it has USB C charging port. We just got it so we will be testing it more.

  30. Olivia Pell

    I haven’t used it yet (literally just opened it!!) but I love the look, feel, and design of this product already! This is going to make taking notes and doing school work on my iPad so much easier.

  31. Lam Tran

    The pen works great and is an awesome alternative to the Apple Pencil. I like the way it writes but sometimes it gets a little glitchy (maybe its the way im holding the pen) but the charge lasts me a few days and it recharges quick as well. One thing I would change would be adding a cover to the charging port and changing the power on to a click rather than a tap. Sometimes when I’m using the pen it would turn off because I brushed it past my arm or clothes which makes it a little finicky. Overall really enjoy this pen for writing on my iPad and taking notes!

  32. Stuart Levy

    Am very impressed with this item so far. Great packaging, price and functionality.

  33. Jake Maggid

    Product is very nice and easy to use.

  34. Angela Baghdasaryan

    I am in love with it!! The design of it, the precision!

  35. Brianna Herron

    So happy I got this pen for such a great price

  36. Eric Joyner

    It is light weight, looks good, and is comfortable to use and handle.

  37. Manoj Kumar Nannapaneni

    Smoot and no slips. Writes perfectly.

  38. Mylene Pepe

    Slippery on iPad surface makes the experience unpleasant

  39. Kang San Kim

    After using it, I have noticed a few problems with the product. First of all, the palm rejection does not work as well I thought. Sometimes, the place where I put my hand down will be drawn and the pencil will not work. Secondly, The magnets are not as strong as I thought. Although it does not fall off by itself, I just wish the magnets would be a little stronger. However, these flaws are easy to forgive considering the price of the original apple pencil.

  40. Zaria Jean-Baptiste

    The product is awesome. There isn’t a pressure sensor like the original Apple Pencil so I can’t draw certain things but it’s a minor issue. Also can not double tap the pencil like the Apple Pencil but it doesn’t bother me. There is sometimes an issue with the strokes not connecting when writing but doesn’t happen too often. I overall love the pencil especially because of the precision.

  41. Jeff Gann

    So far it seems to do exactly what the Apple Pencil does, but without the pain in the pocketbook.

  42. Sanjay Dasari

    Very Good quality product that is very easy to use by anyone

  43. Luis López

    Great product. I bought it for my sisters iPad and it works really good!

  44. Isabelle Kopack

    It works great. I love the feel of it and the way it writes. I would highly recommend this product.

  45. Iris

    Awesome product. Affordable and works very well especially given that it’s compatible with all iPad models. The only problem is the turning on and off, I’m not quite sure how to turn it on/off as tapping the charging port doesn’t work all the time.

  46. hala waqas

    So far so good, will review as i use for good 10-12 days

  47. Taylor Brown

    I had ordered another pen and it had no palm rejection so I struggled a lot with it, it was also laggy
    This pen is so much better, easy to use and has made note taking so easy

  48. Gabriella morales

    It works so well and is very easy to use

  49. Ashley

    Good. Jenna rjdnnxuxjdndnxjxndnxjxjndnduxjxndbb. Hounds kids jsndhxun

  50. Fiona Kehan

    I love the ipad stylist pen! It is an amazing work of art, I use it to draw write and jot down notes. It works super well with the ipad. I love my purchase!

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